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Hypnobirthing and Fertility Therapy in London

Starting a family is a huge personal landmark. Whether you are an expectant mother, or you are looking for help with fertility treatments, Finlayson Hypnosis in central London is here to help. With an array of experience in hypnotherapy, including hypnobirthing, Robert offers a personal service that caters to your psychological and emotional needs.


Childbirth has the potential to be one of the most powerful and positive experiences of a woman’s life. Whatever your plans are, from a holistic birth to one in a more clinical setting, hypnosis for birthing equips you with the mental belief as well as the emotional resources and physical skills to undertake this extraordinary journey.


There is a wealth of research, as well as anecdotal evidence, to support the benefits of hypnosis for childbirth to both mother and baby. Hypnosis enables you to:


  • Manage Anxiety

  • Control Discomfort

  • Reduce Rates of Intervention


How It Works

Robert has undertaken advanced training as a hypnobirthing therapist with the easibirthing® method. Training in hypnobirthing techniques generally takes 4 or 5 sessions and begin from 20 weeks. However, you will also experience significant benefits from just a single session. Music and recorded scripts are provided.


Fertility Therapy

Infertility is estimated to affect around one in seven UK couples. This is frustrating if a couple have decided that they want to have a baby, and feelings of passion may give way to feelings of sadness, confusion, denial, desperation, isolation, jealousy, anger, yearning, loss, and grief.

While therapy cannot guarantee a positive outcome, evidence from studies - and from Robert’s personal experience - show that hypnotherapy may improve or maximise chances of success. The scientific research shows a wealth of evidence that hormone levels, ovulation and other reproductive factors may well be affected by what goes on in the mind.

It's reasonable to suggest that the body, without the mind, is unlikely to be as effective. With this in mind, Robert recommends that hypnosis form part of an eclectic therapeutic approach to help both women and men with either conventional or other fertility treatments such as IVF.


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