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Smoking Addiction and Cancer Support in London

One of the many applications of hypnotherapy is in fighting the psychological effects of addiction or illness. Whether you’re looking for cancer support or advice on how to stop smoking, Robert provides sensitive services for clients in and around central London, to help you regain peace of mind.

Quit Smoking

People smoke for many different reasons but it’s always a tough habit to kick. We are all familiar with the negative effects on our health that smoking poses. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that smoking helps relieve stress. This perception is psychological rather than physiological. In fact, the chemicals in cigarettes actually stimulate the body’s stress response.

As an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, Robert will help you discover what it is that causes your smoking habit. If you are motivated and ready to kick your habit, it’s possible to do so in a single extended 3-hour session, with follow-up support.


Coping with Cancer

Through personal experience, Robert understands the impact that cancer has on one’s life. In recent years, the medical profession has taken the view that the treatment of cancer is multi-faceted, involving many processes and therapies in addition to surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatment.


While hypnotherapy is not a cure for cancer, it’s most helpful in improving the patient’s quality of life. Following a diagnosis, anxiety and fear often arise when the patient is faced with the prospect of challenging and difficult treatments.

Anxiety not only affects mood but plays an important role in our perception of pain. Hypnosis is an effective tool in pain management, and Robert teaches his clients a variety of techniques for use in self-hypnosis, such as:

Coping with Cancer

  • Glove Anaesthesia

  • Symptom Substitution

  • Amnesia

Research into the use of hypnosis and the immune system has shown that hypnotic imagery and relaxation techniques help the body fight disease as well as giving the client a sense of control over the development of their condition.


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