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Weight Management and Sports Hypnosis in London

Count on Finlayson Hypnosis in central London for help in improving your attitude to fitness and dieting. Robert will identify and deal with any underlying psychological and behavioural issues that are affecting your weight management plans. He also offers sports hypnosis therapy to help you enjoy yourself more when playing your chosen sport.

Controlling Your Weight

Have you tried dieting, struggled to lose weight or keep off the pounds when you do? That's because food is only part of the picture and there may be underlying psychological and behavioural issues which need to be identified and dealt with. Hypnosis will help you:

Controlling Your Weight

  • Manage Your Cravings

  • Become Mindful of How You Eat

  • Identify When You Eat and Why You Eat

Some of you may 'comfort eat', using food as a substitute for something that may be missing from your life, or perhaps you simply eat out of boredom? Perhaps you struggle with motivation to exercise? Bad food habits are often learnt at a young age, either as a reward or as punishment.

Hypnotherapy helps to disclose these deep-rooted childhood memories and identify and help you process them.



  Clarify Your Goals

  Improve Your Motivation

  Evaluate Patterns and Nutrition

  Address Underlying Emotional Triggers

  Provide Ongoing Support


Sports Hypnosis

Sports hypnosis is particularly effective for building confidence, overcoming poor past performance and resolving fears. Some of the most effective techniques, such as imagery, visualisation, mental rehearsal and affirmation are commonly used in sports psychology and are themselves forms of hypnosis.



  • Learn ‘Mindfulness’ and Mental-Rehearsal Techniques

  • Establish Short, Medium and Long-Term Goals

  • Anchor Positive Beliefs and Habits

  • Use Hypnosis to Process Any Underlying Psychological Issues That May Exist

  • Boost Self-Confidence and Self-Belief


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